5 Ways to DOMINATE Using Social Media

Dominate Using Social Media

Want to know what it takes to DOMINATE using Social Media? Here are the 5 top trends for 2016 that nearly all successful businesses and brands are using. And tips on how you can implement them for yourself.

Real-Time Engagement

We know social media gets it intrinsic value from real-time engagement, but with each passing year, the window for response becomes smaller and smaller. Search Engine Watch tells us that 70% of Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to, and 53% want a response in less than an hour. If they’re issuing a complaint that number jumps to 72%. Now for the pain point, in 2014, consumers complained about brands 879 million times on social media. But as long as they respond in a timely manner, that’s ok, right? Well in 2015, brands still weren’t responding as 7 in 8 messages to them went unanswered within 72 hours. Yikes.

Faster response time is a key strategy this year. Facebook gives you a badge on your Fan/Business Page showing how quickly you on average, respond. On Twitter and Instagram, make sure you turn on notifications, so you get a ping immediately when someone mentions you. Quick and consistent response will keep your customers happily coming back for more.

Mobile Is No Longer an Option, it’s Key to Survival

The end is nigh! If you aren’t already making a good mobile impression, it could be too late, especially if your competitors have already made the jump. Recent statistics show that 70% of all smartphone searches result in an action. Whether that’s a purchase of a product or a visit to a website, more and more people are using their mobile device to surf, shop, interact and engage.

Add to that, 3.65 billion mobile users access the internet and social media via smartphones and you have reason to hop on (and stay on) the mobile marketing train.


The everyday-plain-jane content won’t satisfy for most users – at least not for much longer. Today’s average user is spoiled. We have controllable newsfeed views on social media, search results that vary based on location, and search history and other factors specific to individual users. The public is gradually demanding content and advertising that’s more individualized and therefore, more relevant to them. Niche-targeting and more individual experiences, especially on social media, are going to become more necessary for success.

You don’t need to completely overhaul to your digital strategy,  but these tips should give you a few ideas on how to adjust your campaign for the near future. You may need to adjust your advertising budget to favour more effective strategies (never a bad thing),  or maybe experiment with a new channel/network, but the most important thing to do is remain flexible.

Buy buttons are becoming more common

Advertising on social media is not a new phenomenon; it’s how a lot of networks make their money, after all, but recently the advertising experience has made a shift towards the shopping experience. Ads and products for purchase are starting to work their way into our newsfeeds and profiles. These ads are integrated more smoothly and with fewer distinctions from organic content. Many times, the simple addition of a “buy” button, which leads the clicker to an integrated cart, allows the advertising to more easily to convert followers into real customers.

Protip: When using ads on Facebook, adding a Buy Now button to your image will reduce the number of people clicking just to browse, thus saving you valuable ad spend.

Social Video Eats the World

In case you missed it, social video is exploding. Last year, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion, reportedly overtaking YouTube. Twitter launched native video last year, while disposable content giants, Snapchat now report 6 billion daily video. On average, adult users now consume a total of 66 minutes of online video each and every day.

Facebook has prepared to roll out features like Suggested Videos and maybe even a dedicated video feed, and Snapchat Stories are growing ever more popular and feature-rich. Little wonder that 70% of companies now say video is the most effective tool in their online portfolio, and two out of three businesses expect it to dominate their strategy going forward.

The biggest trend this year, however, is pretty much obvious. Around the world, social media is quickly becoming a standard operating procedure at companies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other networks have changed the basic methods companies use to reach and interact with customers, offer products and services, communicate with employees. It’s fair to say, Social Media has changed how we do business. Here’s the roundup on how to Dominate Using Social Media.


  1. Response Time is top of customers’ minds.
  2. Mobile First is no longer optional.
  3. Personalisation drives engagement.
  4. Buy buttons leap into Social Media.
  5. Video = Win

See any trends in your industry or niche that we should add to the list? Add it in the comments.