62 Percent Of Small Business Owners Don’t Know Whether Their Marketing Works

How I Can Help

Website Evaluation

Find out what is working on your current website and what is not. Marketing, UX, and SEO.


Do you sell products/services online? Increase traffic and Conversion Rate to make more sales.

Social Media

Comprehensive strategies. Which networks, what audience, which content types give the best ROI. Reports specific to your business.

Brand Identity

Become known for who you are and what you do online. Successful branding creates loyalty and increases customer retention.

Grow Your Subscribers

Do you have an email database? Chances are, if you’re online, you should. List building, campaign creation and tracking ROI.

Google Analytics

Marketing is useless unless you can track it. I will explain what all those crazy Google graphs actually mean in the real world. A/B testing and Conversion Rate Optimization available.