How to Get Others to
Pay for YOUR Marketing

Affiliate Ecommerce

Marketing is defined as any action designed to get you more customers. An effort we all must endure to stay afloat. Let’s explore one option to get others to pay for your marketing. Sounds difficult? Well, if you sell a product/service on your website, then you’re already halfway there! Enter: The Affiliate Program. An affiliate program offers a commission to anyone who refer you new clients or sales. Commission percentages can be any value you set. Typical figures range from 10-50% depending on your product, service and industry. E-Books for example can pull a pretty high commission rate because once they are published, you only need the customer to click buy and download it. Therefore your costs are not affected by the number of downloads. If you sell a physical product, on the other hand, you need to consider unit cost, and shipping and handling fees when working out how much commission you are willing to give up. You’ll want to create perceived value to keep the program enticing to affiliates. The more excited you get the potential affiliates, the more time and energy they will spend on marketing your product/service.

Since you aren’t spending your time and money to sell to these new customers, the additional revenues are just that, extra sales for the bottom line. You also can expense the advertising fees paid to affiliates. Bonus! 


UMMM….NO.  Custom Packages from $500. 14-day lead time.

An affiliate program only requires a few things to get started.

  1. A unique referral link for each person who wants to promote your product.
  2. A payment processor. (you likely already have one if you sell online)
  3. Most importantly, a dashboard where your affiliates can login, track their referred sales, and cash out.

If your platform has a simple signup process and is easy to use, you remove all objections and make it easier for people to Market Your Products for Free!

The most effective programs offer multiple types of links that affiliates can use to spread your products around the web. Common types include, text links, image links and banner ads. Again, the easier you make it for the affiliates, the bigger chance you’ll have to connect with bloggers, writers and affiliates who will drive more traffic to your sales pages.

A more advanced affiliate program may include any or all of the following options.

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Two Tier Affiliate Structures

  • Creatives - text/images for promoting

  • Referral Link Generators

  • Sign Up Bonuses

  • Autoresponder Integration

  • Commission Notifications

  • Paypal Integration

  • WooCommerce Integration

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