Increase Your Social CTR by 34%
With This One Quick Tip

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What’s the best way to get 34% more clicks on your links? Ask an SEO guy and he’ll tell you, “Get 3x More Traffic.” Ummmm….yeah. How about something that doesn’t take months and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars? Enter Branded shortlinks. We all know that short links and URL shorteners are all the rage, but did you know that you can create your own custom URL for your brand? Why is this important?

  1. It creates brand recognition through the link. People can’t ignore the link; they have to click on it to see your content. Even from a subliminal level, this helps solidify your branding.
  2. It shows your brands creativity/style. Some of my favorite examples are below.
    1. RedBull –
    2. Adidas –
    3. Netflix –
  3. Third and most importantly this case study written by, shows that branded Short URLs drive up to 34% more clicks than unbranded alternates, such as tinyurl, or even is the number one leader in supplying Short URLs to users on the web.

The big brands are doing it. It’s pretty easy to implement. It works. What more do you want from an Increase in Clicks to your landing pages? It’s really a no-brainer. There are multiple services that will sell you a branded-short URL solution. If you run a quick Google Search for vanity URL Shortener you’ll find all kinds of options ranging from $100/year and up. Just make sure your branded URL shortener gives you simple sharing methods and robust analytics on your clicks. It should at the very least be able to show you, Top Referrers, Locations, and Link Click Counts. Check out the animation below to see the custom php shortener I built for my own blog.

I hope you liked “How to Increase Your Social CTR by 34%.” Leave a comment if you have any questions, or don’t hesitate to contact me: In ROI 086 085 7161, Outside of Ireland +35386 085 7161. Thanks for Reading. #BetterBusiness

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