Is Facebook Still Relevant for Business 2016

Facebook Still Relevant for Businesses?

Is Facebook still relevant for businesses in 2106? Well, more than 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) people log into Facebook each day. It’s a hub for discovery and fan interaction. Since it’s initial launch 12 years ago, it has undergone a number of changes. It began as a college student portal for connecting classmates but had blossomed into a platform for media outlets, brands and businesses, news, trends, even shopping. Because of this, advertisers flock to Facebook to reach people with their in-built custom targeting tools and advertising platform. In 2016 the Facebook’s marketing conversation has become centered on one thing, video. Over 8 Billion video views are realized on Facebook every single day. Damn. 

97 of the Global Top 100 brands have dedicated Facebook accounts and on average 93% of those brands post every month. What does that mean for you and I? As small business owners, we need to take the indirect advice of these brands and get our content on Facebook. But what kind of content should I post, you ask? Well these top 100 Brands are posting on average 53 branded posts, 29 links, 15 Photos and 9 Videos. As you can see the most important content type (to Facebook anyway) Video, is still the least utilized channel. What can you do to capitalize? Use video more often. Facebook’s algorithm always favors people who trend the way they bend. facebook-content

When Should you post?

Bitly recently did a study that shows Thursday and Fridays between 10:00am and Noon are the best two time slots for Click Through Rate across all days, but Tuesdays wrangle over 20.2% of total weekly interaction. Three more things to consider:

  1. Adopt Facebook Live: Facebook Live is becoming an engagement hub for big brands. If you’re interested in attracting fans, hatching conversations, and creating rich-video content, add Facebook Live broadcasts to your content calendar.
  2. Take advantage of the algorithm: Facebook will begin showing more relevant content to you based on the time you spend viewing a post. In order to succeed within Facebook’s new feed, brands need to promote content that holds readers’ attention.
  3. Facebook Reactions: As a social marketer, you need the clearest and most accurate picture of what’s going on across your social channels. Reactions give you a unique opportunity to gauge the way a piece of content resonates with your audience.

If you need help defining your audience or networks Drop Me a Line. 

Is Facebook still relevant for business?

So, is Facebook still relevant for businesses in 2016? Absolutely. Facebook gives you more ways to connect with your fans, sell them your product or services, and overall make an impact in their daily digital lives. Stay on it and work hard. The results will come.