Social Killed the Radio Star

As frightening as it may be, in 2020 there are still a vast number of small businesses that have not made the switch from traditional forms of marketing; newsprint, radio, direct mail to their digital counterparts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Online PR. A lot of these small businesses have been around for years and simply missed the boat on this. A lot of the reason behind not making the switch is companies think,

“Radio and newspaper ads worked for me for decades, so they must still be worth it today.”

While these ads can still be useful, they are terribly overpriced. The average monthly radio spend of 50 local businesses that I polled, was €612, with some small businesses spending as much as €3,000.

With Traditional Marketing

  1. You don’t get to pick who hears/sees your ad.
  2. Most “cold” customers need to see or hear from you several times before they move from offer to the consideration stage.
  3. You can’t track the results.

While you can pick the time of day or day of week your radio or newspaper ads run, you still can’t control who listens, buys, or reads your advertisement. This ends up wasting a lot of your ad spend on uninterested audiences. Having to run your radio clip or news ad a few times a week or month until people start to recognise your brand can end up costing you a ton of money. And unless your customers come to you and say “Hey, I heard you on the radio” you’re pretty much left in the dark and your ROI is invisible.

62% of small businesses do not know if their marketing efforts are working. A large portion of those businesses are still using the out-dated marketing platforms such as radio, newsprint, leaflets and direct mail. Let’s compare these options to just one form of digital marketing, the Facebook ad.

With Digital Marketing

  1. Laser-Targeted Outreach. Let’s say your business sells prom dresses. You can tell the Facebook ad software to only show your ad to females in a given age group, or even those who attend a particular school in the area. Or maybe you are a supermarket, you can run ads or promotions that target people living within a specific radius of your location, guaranteeing a much higher relevance to the customer.
  2. Lower Cost. Creating ads on Facebook is free. You’re only charged when people actually view you ad, if you choose charge/impression, or when they actually click on the ad, if you choose cost/click. Reaching the right people over and over again, can cost you a few cents each depending on the market and your offer.
  3. Track Your Results! With all of the major ad platforms, Facebook included, you get full access to insight and data that you can analyse, track, use to measure conversions nad most importantly, ROI. It answers the question that most businesses cannot confidently say aloud. “How much is this ad spend making me in return?”

Reason to Make the Switch to Digital TODAY.

The trends speak for themselves. The national average of adult radio listeners is approximately 39.4% (see figure 1) with a high average of 59% in North Donegal and a low of just 24.6% in Wicklow.

The National Average of Facebook users who use their accounts EVERY DAY is 74% (see figure 2) Instagram also beats the national average coming in at 56%. People on these networks are more relevant to your business because of targeting options and more receptive to local businesses reaching out on their trusted platforms. These two platforms alone allow you to reach more people, but more importantly, more targeted customers, cheaper.

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