Waste Time and Money: SEO vs CRO

How to make sure your focusing on the right one for you.

Waste Time and Money: SEO vs CRO

SEO vs CRO. Not just a battle of the acronyms. SEO and Website Optimization (aka Conversion Rate Optimization) are two different approaches to the same problem. You want to increase sales, leads, and turnover. However,  which approach you take depends on where you are in business life cycle. Both can greatly increase ROI. How do you choose?

On one hand, SEO drives traffic, and increases your ranking in the Search Engines.

SEO Examples:

  1. Creating better content
  2. Using longer-tail keywords
  3. Better meta-tags
  4. Creating backlinks

     The goal of the SEO is to find  customers based on what they are searching for and giving them that, upon reaching your website.

On the other hand, the aim of website optimization is creating the best possible user experience once a customer visits your site so that the customer ends up buying your product or service. Website Optimization affects your visitors after they enter your site but with SEO your visitors are affected before they enter your site.

While SEO boosts website traffic, website optimization gives you a real measure of your site’s actual performance. Website optimization can make you spend less while converting more sales. SEO on the other hand actually increases your spend, and eats profit.

Conversion optimization and SEO are both ongoing processes. CRO helps you understand your customer’s behavior and patterns through analytics and will help you look for ways to improve conversion rates.

CRO Examples:

  1. Do people drop off after they’ve added items to the cart?
  2. How can you reconnect with previous customers?
  3. Driving signups to a newsletter

Which one is Right?

With SEO, you find out how your customers find you on the web. Once you know the keywords they are using to get to your website, you can rework your site and content to accommodate their needs. Conversion Rate optimization and SEO rely heavily on data analytics to monitor progress and success. Using conversion optimization, you need web analytics to understand customer behaviors and make changes based on their needs. In SEO, you need analytics to understand what keywords your customers search before they enter your website and make changes accordingly to drive more traffic to your website. Some factors can affect both. Imagine the scenario of a slow loading homepage. If your site takes a long time to load it not only decreases your conversion rate but it will also lowers your search engine ranking. A page that’s optimized will be user friendly which makes it much more likely to backlinks and referrals as customers will find it valuable and want to link it thereby improving search engine rankings. Mobile optimization is massively important for both.

SEO vs CRO: Website optimization

Conclusion: SEO vs CRO

Both SEO and CRO have important places within your website and your digital strategy. Which one to focus depends depends on your current levels of each. Which will give you the highest ROI? How is your SEO, and traffic from search? How optimized is your site already? Answer these questions and you’ll know what strategy to implement and when. Still not sure?

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